Sensational Parents

The Sensational Parents Course

person in brown and black camouflage shirt with green paint on hand
person in brown and black camouflage shirt with green paint on hand

Parenting can feel like being on a roller coaster.

Parenting a child with sensory needs, is like being on a roller coaster, with your eyes closed!

Never knowing what is around the corner.

Join The Sensational Parent 6-Week Course!

  • 6, Sixty Minute Group Video Calls with slide deck presentations

  • Time for education, questions/answers and group discussions

  • Weekly accountability challenges for carry over of strategies

  • Weekly educational information about each sensory system and actionable strategies

  • Supportive community moderated by group leader

  • Ability to ask Group Leader specific questions throughout the entirety of the group

  • All calls will be recorded for replay

  • All information hands outs, presentations and resources provided to the group for reference

    Your Investment: $150

BONUS: Free 45 minute 1:1 parent support consultation to all group members who complete the 6-week program

“Stefanie did a deep dive on content while being conscious of our limited available time together. She was thoughtful and knowledgeable about the subject matter and tailored the sessions to our areas of interest while being sure to teach us all the essential concepts.”

“I'm so grateful for what she offered us - better than any book, and quite different from the service providers who are most focused on the kids and less focused on explaining what they're doing to the parents.”

“I found it so reassuring to know other parents are struggling with the same things as me, and feel like I have more tools for dealing with tricky situations with my children.”

What Past Participants Are Saying

What Will I Learn?

The Eight Sensory Systems

Over the course of the program, we will discuss all eight sensory systems. Didn’t know there were eight?! That’s Ok! By the end of the program you will be able to identify all eight sensory systems and their effect on your child.


We will discuss co-regulation and self-regulation. What they are and how are they different from each other. We will learn how to help yourself and your child regulate their emotions, feelings and behaviors.

Common Sensory Sensitivities

We will discuss the most common sensory sensitivities. Difficulties with Clothing, Noises, Bathing, Toothbrushing and Seeking/Avoiding Movement

woman sitting on sofa while using MacBook Pro
woman sitting on sofa while using MacBook Pro
This group is for you if:

  • You are ready to learn new strategies and information

  • You are open to sharing your parenting challenges

  • You are ready to try new activities and ideas

  • You are interested in sharing and communicating with other parents each week

  • You are open to providing program feedback

This group may not be a good fit if:

  • You want individual parent coaching

  • You are looking for occupational therapy services

  • You want your child to be individually assessed or evaluated

  • You are not comfortable engaging with other parents

I Am Ready To Join The Sensational Parents Course!